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Coronavirus: Attendance at Scottish CourtsScottish Courts and Coronavirus

For up to date advice on whether you need to attend court, the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service website is providing up-to-date information.   If you need advice on the likely impact of coronavirus on your driving case, conctact us.

Update on 20 April 2021: Coronavirus and attendance at Scottish Courts

Courts are partially running, and some cases are going ahead.   The courts are an “essential service” and are generally exempt from the lockdown.  However, many cases do not require the attendance of an accused in person.  You should follow advice on whether your case is going ahead and whether you should attend in person.  If attending court presents a danger to your health, or someone else who is vulnerable, it may be that you do not need to attend at court.  For advice on your case, call us.


The following advice is for general information only.  For advice specific to your case, contact us.

Pleading Not Guilty – you won’t usually need to attend court for this first hearing.  Advice from the courts regarding attendance is here. If in doubt, get legal advice.

Pleading Guity – cases will proceed.  If you might get a ban, you will need to attend court or speak to a solicitor who can present the case in your absence.

Trials / Exceptional Hardship Hearings.  You usually need to attend.  You might be given a specific start time, rather than just attend at 10 am at the start of the court day.

Bail Undertakings – if you were released by the police on an undertaking (a formal promise to attend court on a specified date) you must attend court.  If this presents a danger to your health, or someone else who is vulnerable, contact us.

If attending court, you must observe covid rules to protect the public. For example, you should wear a face mask in court and observe social distancing.

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