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Road Traffic Law in Scotland

If you’d like to know how the law applies to you, contact us today. We’ll provide clarity, direction and precise technical advice.  Our advice is free of charge and given in the strictest confidence.

If you need representation, we will be happy to appear for you in any court in Scotland.

For more general advice, the Legal Advice Guides below offer background to the law in Scotland.

Legal Advice Guides:Scottish Legal Advice

The Benefits of Legal Advice

Getting the right advice, in good time, will allow you to get the best possible outcome in your case.  If you want to plead Guilty, we can offer advice on getting the best sentence.  If you want to fight the case, we can advise on strategy.  Either way, it is always beneficial to have legal advice.

Come and meet us, or call us to discuss your case on the phone.  We’ll go through your case and outline the courses of action open to you.  You’ll then be in a position to make an informed choice on how best to proceed.  Mistakes can be costly to rectify.  With legal advice, you’ll enjoy the reassurance of taking the best decisions for your case, at every stage of the way.

We specialise in defending drivers and motorcylists accused of committing road traffic offences in Scotland.  We don’t charge for our initial legal advice and there is no obligation to use us further.  If you’d like advice, contact us today.


Speeding Offences in Scotland

With over 5000 speed cameras in the UK, more and more Speeding cases are going to court. We can advise on the best way forward in your case.

Careless Driving

A Careless Driving charge is an accusation that your driving fell below the ordinary standard of driving required by law. We can assess your case and provide a strategy for your defence.

Traffic Lights

If the police accuse you of going through a red traffic light, you may be given the chance to pay a £100 fine and take 3 penalty points without going to court. It is open to you to accept this or to contest the matter.

Driving While on the Phone

The police are currently campaigning against people who they see as driving whilst on the phone. But the meaning of illegal phone “use” is often misunderstood. We offer up-to-date advice on the latest case law.

Driving Without Insurance

Very few people deliberately drive without insurance. Whether you’ve made a mistake about the terms of a policy, or a direct debit has failed, we can help with your case.

Dangerous Driving

If you are convicted of Dangerous Driving, you will be disqualified automatically. The ban will be for a minimum of 12 months. Call us to discuss your defence.

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