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HGV Drivers

HGV Drivers face a huge number of specific rules regulating their use.  Often, life is hardest for the individual owner-driver, facing difficult deadlines.  We offer specialist legal advice for HGV drivers facing prosecution in Scotland.

Drivers Hours

If you have been identified in breach of the rules limiting Drivers’ Hours, or find yourself accused of any Tachograph Offence, do be in touch.  Certain offences are treated very seriously by the Traffic Commissioner and in some cases your professional licence may be at risk.  If you would like advice on this, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

Careless Driving

HGV drivers are subject to all the usual rules of the road.  Most commonly, HGV drivers face prosecution for driving whilst on a mobile phone, speeding, careless driving and tachograph offences.  Once the police have identified one issue, it is likely that they will inspect your vehicle and compile a number of charges against you.  This is how the majority of  tachograph offences are identified.


HGV drivers are often targeted for speeding on the A75.  Routinely, after a police inspection, other matters will be brought to light and added to the charge sheet.  If you would like to know how best to defend your HGV licence when faced with a speeding charge, or multiple charges, be in touch.


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