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Motorcycle Law

We are proud to offer motorcyclists specialist representation in Criminal Motorcycle Law.  We have a proven track record in providing outstanding advice and representation to motorcyclists facing prosecution in Scotland.

Motorcyclists are not only subject to all the usual rules of the road, they face particular hazards and are subject to specific provisions of the Highway Code.  We offer precise technical advice across the whole range of Road Traffic offences.

With a keen interest in Motorcycle law, we will be pleased to offer a free legal consultation for your case, wherever the incident took place in Scotland.

Motorcycle Filtering

There is much uncertainly around the law of filtering.

So far as the Criminal Law is concerned, you must always adhere to the standard required of any road user.  The court will ask: were you exercising the degree of care, skill and attention which the reasonable, competent and prudent motorcyclist could be reasonably expected to show in the circumstances?  If that test seems very general, it is because it is designed to cover every conceivable situation.

The Highway Code offers guidance: “You should be aware of what is behind and to the sides before manoeuvring. Look behind you; use mirrors if they are fitted. When in traffic queues look out for pedestrians crossing between vehicles and vehicles emerging from junctions or changing lanes. Position yourself so that drivers in front can see you in their mirrors. Additionally, when filtering in slow-moving traffic, take care and keep your speed low.”

Clearly, going too fast between filtering lanes will put you in breach of the law, as will failing to keep a good lookout.  You should bear in mind that if you are prosecuted for a Road Traffic offence, such as Careless driving, if you are partially at fault, that will be enough for a conviction (if it is proved).  It may be that more than one road user is prosecuted regarding the same incident.

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