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Overloading a van or car is a criminal offence.  Driving whilst overloaded means taking the vehicle on a public road where the load is greater than that permitted on the vehicle “plate”.

Most offences occur through ignorance.  In some circumstances, individuals hire a van without being consciously aware even that there are legal limits on the weight that can be carried.  It is common to think that if a van has space for a load, it is probably fine.  The amount of space available in a van is a very poor indicator of the maximum permissible weight of a van.

Other overloading offences are committed by company van drivers, where the company does not have weighing facilities.  Many companies rely on the loader or driver estimating the load based on the combined box or pallet weights. On occasion, van drivers are not aware of the van’s weight limits and so do not know they should take action even when they have information on the weight of the load.

If you’ve been accused of driving a van which is overloaded, or if a driver for whom your responsible is facing a charge, give us a call for legal advice. Our advice is free and given in strict confidence.

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