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Speeding Offences in Scotland

 Police Fixed Penalty Tickets for Speeding Offences in Scotland

Speeding Offences in ScotlandIf the police have given you a speeding ticket, you may be given the chance to pay a £100 speeding fine and take 3 penalty points on your licence without going to court. It is open to you to accept this or to contest the matter in court.

Court Prosecutions for Speeding Offences in Scotland

If you already have 9 points on your licence, or if it’s a high speed, you will be prosecuted for your speeding offence in a Scottish Justice of the Peace Court (a “JP Court”).

For those who are convicted, the JP court can impose fines of up to £1000 (£2500 on a motorway). You’ll also get points on your licence. How many depends on the speed, but for any speeding offence you won’t get less than 3, and you won’t get more than 6.

Once you have “tottSpeeding Offencesed up” 12 points on your licence you will be banned for 6 months.  If it’s a very high speed, the court won’t put points on your licence but will impose a ban instead.

If you already have 6 points on your licence and you face a speeding charge in court, you are at risk of losing your licence. Many people choose to fight speeding tickets, either because they’re innocent or because they simply cann
ot risk having 6 live points on their licence which could lead to a ban for the next offence.

Disqualifications for Speeding Offences in Scotland

If you are convicted for a very high speed the court will treat this severely and you may be banned outright, regardless of the penalty points you have. You will also get a speeding fine.

New Drivers Rules on Speeding Offences in Scotland

The penalties for speeding offences are even tougher on new drivers. If you have obtained your licence within the last two years, then you will be banned once you have 6 points (not 12) on your licence. You will also be fined. You will be required to sit the test again.

For some people, getting convicted for speeding offences in Scotland can result in disqualification: this can have a devastating effect on their personal and professional life. If losing your licence would lead you (or someone who relies on you to drive) to suffer “exceptional hardship” then we can tell the court this. In these cases, the court has the discretion to let you keep driving even with twelve points on your licence.

With over 5000 speed cameras in the UK, even the most prudent drivers find themselves being prosecuted for speeding offences in Scotland. Some drivers face multiple allegations of speeding offences from a single journey. If you would like guidance specifically relevant to you, please be in touch. There is no charge for our initial legal advice and no obligation to use us further: we will clarify where you stand and advise how you can best move forward.

Some of our clients have been kind enough to comment on our service for their speeding cases

– Sandra Orme, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court, October 2019

“Our daughter was stopped for a speeding offence on the A75 and due to the speed recorded by Police radar gun, she was summoned to the JP court in Stranraer. We were concerned our daughter would have her licence revoked as she hadn’t had a driving licence for 2 years and 6 penalty points would have resulted in this causing great disruption to her job hunting for which she needs a car. From the day of the incident, Joe provided immediate help and assurance taking calls and answering emails out of hours during a very difficult time which we greatly appreciated. Joe provided expert advice and as the case neared, asked for specific information that he used in court where he represented my daughter so she didn’t have to travel back to Scotland. Joe managed to get a penalty of 4 points and a £350 fine which we were delighted with. Thank you very much Joe.”

– Sally Kidd, Dumfries JP Court, May 2019

“I elected to ask Joe MacPherson to represent me on the basis of the online testimonials I had read, both on this website and found on general searches. I am so glad I did. I don’t live in Scotland, and committed a speeding offence on my travels through, and was called to Dumfries to appear before the JP. Joe was fantastic, gave really sound, reasoned and objective advice on how best to present my case and my plea. He was utterly professional in his approach, and on our first telephone call, he estimated the realistically superb result that he managed to achieve, SO much better than the result I might have faced without good representation. He was happy to work “out of hours”, managing phone calls and emails outside normal 9 to 5 to accommodate my hectic work-life, and also represented me in court. I wholeheartedly commend him. He removed significant stress, pressure and uncertainty from me whilst guiding me through the legal processes of Scottish Law, and also delivered an exceptionally good result.”

-Danielle McConville, Dumfries JP Court, August 2017

I couldn’t have got through this case without Joe. Particular intricate details around my case meant I was very nervous about the outcome and my potential future with driving. Having got caught speeding, and facing a potential ban I sought Joe’s help who was so detailed from start to finish and we got the end result we wanted with no additional points or ban. Thank you so much Joe, I am so grateful.”

-Iain Wyper, Dumfries JP Court, July 2016

“I had the luck of spending a full day waiting for my intermediate diet to be heard at Dumfries JP Court. Yes, I do mean luck. This gave me the opportunity to watch all the lawyers in action before selecting the best.  I was not disappointed, Joe took a measured and strategic approach to my situation, dealing with the judges and prosecutor sensitively whilst still making a strong case. I cannot recommend Joe more highly and can only express my thanks for his excellent approach.”

– Andrew Stewart, Dumfries JP Court:
“Getting a letter through to attend court is quite a shock to the system.  Having never been in this position before I contacted Joe who explained everything and took care of dealing with things. The professional service given was first class, and took a great weight off my shoulders.

“Many thanks to Joe for his work in dealing with this for me and keeping me updated throughout.”

– Karl Thomas, Dumfries JP Court, Speeding Offences in Scotland

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Scottish Driving Law for the excellent service they had provided me for my speeding case.

“After being caught speeding and being caught going over 100mph, I was extremely concerned about how I could keep my job because driving is an essential part of my work.  Joe’s professionalism shone throughout the process and he was second to none for me.  He always answered my questions courteously and in such a way that I found easy to understand and for that I cannot thank him enough. His attention to my case throughout my ordeal made it as painless as possible for me.

“I got a good result and Joe MacPherson took the worry out of the whole process. Because of this I would not hesitate in recommending Scottish Driving Law to anyone needing a solicitor as I know that they would be in very good hands.”

Tamzin Ferguson, Dumfries JP Court, category: Speeding Offences in Scotland

“Joe thank you very much for your help and advice for my speeding offence. It has meant I have kept my much needed license and will allow me to support my family.”

– Ian Whyte, Forfar JP Court, category: speeding offences in Scotland

“Thank-you so much Joe for your advice and service which allowed me to keep my licence. Four points and a £300 fine was a much better result than I had dared hope for. Your fee was more than fair.  Thank-you again and I will recommend you at every opportunity.”

– F.G., Dumfries JP Court

“Joe MacPherson was very professional, straightforward and provided considered advice that proved to be first rate. The service he gave exceeded expectation and I am particularly grateful that he was neither judgmental, nor did he paint an overly optimistic outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending him highly if asked.”

“Having being caught and pulled over by the police for speeding doing over 100mph on the motorway, I was certain I was getting a ban. I researched into speeding solicitors as I’d never been in the position before.  Top Google search was Scottish Driving Law. I looked through the testimonials and made contact via the phone. Joe called back within minutes and talked me through everything step by step. I’d never needed to use a solicitor for anything before and his all inclusive and very reasonable fee was comforting!

D Blacker, Dumfries JP Court
The final result was £250 fine and 5 points, which I was very much relieved with! I drive all over the country for my work and this was the best result by far! Thank you guys, really appreciate your service and can’t recommend you enough.”

T McDonald, Dumfries JP Court
“I would like to thank Joe for all the hard work he has put into my [speeding]  case.  The service he provided was of the highest professional standard. He put me at ease from the very first moment we spoke. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Scott Louder, Inverness JP Court
“After being charged with speeding at at 91mph on a single carriage road with a 60mph speed limit, I was convinced that I was facing a ban.

“I engaged the services of Scottish Driving Law, and must say that Joe MacPherson put my mind at rest with his knowledge of the system, and carrying out the groundwork and representing me at Inverness Peace courts in my absence.

“The result of 5 points and a £300 fine was much better than the ban I was expecting.

“I would also like to comment on the good value offered for their services.

“Joe kept regular contact on the lead up to the hearing, and gave extra attention to each piece of information I provided to ensure a good outcome.

“Once again, thanks to Joe and the team at Scottish Driving Law.”

Dan Gibson, Selkirk Justice of the Peace Court
“I can’t recommend Joe highly enough. Not only was the service excellent in terms of professionalism, communication and advice but also the fantastic trial outcome he managed to obtain.  Joe saved my licence and my career.”

Sue Lomas, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court
“I was very relieved that the outcome of my case in Dumfries meant that I could continue with my charity work.  Joe dealt with my case very sympathetically and professionally and the resulting outcomes were much less damaging than they could have been.  I shall be recommending Scottish Driving Law to friends and family.”

Neil Hutchison, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court
“Joe took some simple information and turned it into a plea on my behalf.  I expected a hefty fine and possibly a ban due to the nature of the offence.  Joe was able to ensure that I received a minor fine and reduced points for the offence.

“He is to be recommended and trusted to do a good job.”

– Waqas Javed, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court
“My case at Dumfries just concluded today and Mr Joseph Macpherson appeared on behalf of me as I have been on holiday.  I am glad to say that the services I have received been really excellent and communication was very nice as Mr Macpherson kept me informed about my case via email.  I am very happy with the result – one charge against me was dropped and for the other, the fine is much lower than what I expected.  I would happily recommend this firm services to my friends as Mr Macpherson has been really professional handling my case.

“Thanks again.”

VM, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court
“Having plead guilty to speeds in excess of 90mph on the A75 I thought that it would be a fine and points. I was horrified when called to appear at Dumfries JP Court for disqualification. I contacted Scottish Driving Law and Joe McPherson was soon in touch. After explaining my predicament he put together a strong and thoughtful plea of mitigation which was accepted by the court which allowed me to continue driving and thus be able to continue my work as trustee of a number of heritage related charities.”

– John Doherty, Tain Justice of the Peace Court
“So glad I spoke to Scottish Driving Law and instructed them to handle my case.  Very very efficient”
– Forster Hewitt, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court
A75 Taxi driver concerned about possible ban.  Result a £300 fine and 4 points.Many thanks to Joe.  Scottish Driving Law comes highly recommended by myself.  Joe has been very professional from start to finish.  Put me at ease from our initial conversation.  Joe has saved me valuable time and money by representing me in court in Dumfries.Much better outcome than I thought.  Again,  thanks very much Joe.”

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