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Dumfries Speeding Lawyer

If you need a Dumfries Speeding Lawyer, call us now.  For anyone facing a speeding charge in court, we offer practical, technically accurate legal advice over the phone.  We practice in the courts at Dumfries on a daily basis and offer the finest representation for anyone needing a Dumfries Speeding Lawyer.  We offer precise technical advice and practical guidance in getting the best result possible.

Dumfries Speeding Lawyer – who will advise me?

If you request a call-back, our legal director, Joseph MacPherson, will be in touch.  Joe is a trained Supreme Court lawyer and has the unique experience of having prosecuted and defended over 1000 Road Traffic cases in Dumfries and Galloway.  As a gamekeeper turned poacher, he will offer advice based on a considered analysis of your case papers.  He is the only specialist Dumfries Speeding Lawyer.

Dumfries Speeding Lawyer – who will represent me in court?

We use the best qualified and most experienced lawyers available anywhere in Scotland.  Our lawyers have experience in all Road Traffic Defences and have a breadth of experience second to none.  The advocates and solicitors we use are experienced defence lawyers, prosecutors and judges.  The level of expertise we offer is unparalleled in the field.

Comments from our clients on using a Dumfries Speeding Lawyer

Right from the start, Joe was really really helpful. I rang the firm when I first got the notice of intended prosecution. I was worried because I had never dealt with this sort of thing before. Joe took the time to go through my situation, explaining in detail how matters would proceed.  I was immediately put at ease by his knowledge of how the case would “play out” . When it came to going to court Joe was brilliant. He took me through everything and then stood up for me in court, and got me exactly the result he promised.

James Pollock, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court

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