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Legal Strategy

What’s Next in My Case?

Legal Strategy is a route to an end.  Knowing where you want your case to go depends on understanding the options you have.  Whether you’re innocent or not, getting the right advice, in good time, will allow you to navigate the legal system to arrive at the best possible outcome for your case.

The following guides provide general information on legal procedures used by police, prosecutors and courts in Scotland. For specific advice on how to move forward in your case, contact us today.

Legal Procedure

Legal Strategy & The Road to Success

If you would like legal advice on where you stand with your case, contact us for advice.

Come and meet us, or call us to discuss your case.  We’ll go through your case and outline a strategy – ie the courses of action open to you.  You’ll then be in a position to make an informed choice on how best to proceed.  Mistakes can be costly and difficult to rectify.  With legal advice, you’ll enjoy the reassurance of taking the best decisions for your case.

We specialise in defending drivers and motorcylists accused of committing road traffic offences in Scotland.  We don’t charge for our initial legal advice and there is no obligation to use us further. We’ll help you navigate a course to the best outcome in your case.




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