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Fixed Penalty Tickets

For certain minor offences, such as low-end speeding, careless driving or running a red light, the police issue Fixed Penalty Tickets at the roadside.

To “accept” a ticket, you will need to present it, together with payment and your driving licence, at a Scottish Court Service counter.  Once you accept a Fixed Penalty Ticket, there is no way to remove the points later on or challenge the fact that an offence took place.

Some drivers physically refuse to take the Fixed Penalty Ticket from the police officers at the roadside.  For those who take Fixed Penalty Tickets from the police, this is still not formal “acceptance” of the ticket.  If you have a ticket in hand, your options remain open.  You are under no obligation to pay the fine or submit your licence for endorsement of points.  It remains a matter of choice.

Whether you should accept the ticket or not will depend on the circumstances of your case.  Call us to discuss the best way forward in your case.  We offer free confidential advice and have advised in hundreds of cases for drivers.

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