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Section 137ZB

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, courts have had to take emergency measures to adjourn cases during the various stages of the lock down.  A new law has been introduced, Section 137ZB of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, allowing courts to adjourn cases until the courts can re-open and deal with the cases safely and properly.

If you get a letter referring to Section 137ZB (see below) you might reasonably wonder what it means.  Here’s the translation:

Your case called in court. No one could safely consider it in any detail, so a new date has been fixed.  You still need to respond to the prosecutor’s letter, stating if you plead Guilty or not Guilty, if you didn’t the first time.

Section 137ZB simply puts cases back to a later date. It doesn’t resolve anything. These letters outline the legal basis for this adjournment.  If you want legal advice for how to secure the best outcome in your case, get in touch with a solicitor.  If it’s a driving law matter, give us a call for free advice on the phone.

Section 137ZB


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