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Solicitors in Dumfries

Our Clients’ View Solicitors in Dumfries

We are grateful to those clients who have offered feedback.  As solicitors in Dumfries with a specialism in Road Traffic Law, we represent clients in Dumfries Sheriff Court and Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court.

 Kevin Denyer, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court

“I highly recommend Joe MacPherson at Scottish Driving Law Solicitors in Dumfries, who was extremely professional, approachable and understanding in what can be an extremely stressful situation. I was facing disqualification from driving and the case Joe put together for the court was brilliant and considered. The overall outcome on my appearance in court was 6 points and a fine which was a great result. Many thanks!”

Lewis Reid, Dumfries JP Court

“Was convicted of speeding on the Stranraer to Dumfries bypass in excess of 85MPH in a 60 – heavy rain being a major factor, a few weeks before Christmas with only being passed a year.  I needed solicitors in Dumfries and contacted Joe the next morning. He attended Dumfries JP Court for me and I was expecting to lose my licence and have to resit as a New Driver. However with the expertise of Scottish Driving Law I got the very best outcome. I shall and will and have recommended anyone else I know who is in the same situation as I was as he really knows what he is talking and his experience shines. ”

Daniel Hendricks, Dumfries JP Court

“I was recently stopped by police in Scotland for driving above the national speed limit. After receiving a court summons, I contacted several solicitors, however only one solicitor stood out for me due to his professionalism and in depth knowledge of the judicial system. He spent time with me on the phone and talked me through each of the possible outcomes, making sure that I understood all options before deciding on the best way forward. He gave me confidence that I would be well represented in court and helped to relieve the stress from the situation. I am very happy with the outcome of this case and highly recommend Joseph MacPherson to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to the on that I was in.”

 Rory Brunton, Dumfries Sheriff Court

“Many thanks Joe for your effort on my case and the results that came from your work. Highly recommended to anyone with any future driving case. ”

 David Cunningham, Dumfries Sheriff Court

“Thank you, Joe, for your help and assistance over the last few months with my difficult case. You achieved a remarkable result that keeps me on the road, very much appreciated.”

William Briggs, Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court: –

“I have been driving for over 40 years and last December made an error in judgement whilst overtaking on the A75 near Dumfries. Thinking that I was possibly facing a ban I contacted Scottish Driving Law, solicitors in Dumfries, and found Joe MacPherson. He was a very calming influence and gave me confidence that things might not be as bad as I had thought. In representing my case at Dumfries Court he managed to obtain a just outcome and I could sleep again at night. I cannot thank him enough and would highly recommend him for anyone in a similar position to myself. When a stressful situation arises such as appearing in Court for a driving offence, it is absolutely fantastic to have a real professional out there who cares about the individual that makes a mistake once in a while and represents that person to the best of their ability . What can I say – many, many thanks Joe for all your help and assistance in keeping me and my worried wife re-assured and in obtaining a just outcome.”

Ben R, Lanark Justice of the Peace Court:-

“An excellent outcome with personal and incredibly professional service. Thanks Joe. This comment section provoked me to get in touch with Scottish Driving Law and that was a great decision.  I’m very happy to provide my own recommendation of their services as solicitors in Dumfries. I couldn’t have asked for any more. ”

Victor Michel, Dumfries JP Court, using Solicitors in Dumfries: –

“Having plead guilty to speeds in excess of 90mph on the A75 I thought that it would be a fine and points. I was horrified when called to appear at Dumfries JP court for disqualification. I contacted the Solicitors in Dumfries Scottish Driving Law and Joe McPherson was soon in touch. After explaining my predicament he put together a strong and thoughtful plea of mitigation which was accepted by the court which chose to endorse my licence with 5 points but allowed me to continue driving and thus be able to continue my work as trustee of a number of heritage related charities.”

 Stuart Hanley, in Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court: –

“Would recommend Joe MacPherson to anyone, I thought I would definitely be losing my driving licence. I was very pleased with the outcome, he was very helpful and professional at all times.  Thanks again Joe”

Richard Smith, Solicitors in Dumfries for Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court: –

“I cannot thank Joe enough for his professionalism and knowledge of Scottish Driving Law, which enabled a very successful, and unexpected, result with my case. His guidance and help throughout the proceedings was excellent, and I am certain, that without it, the outcome would have been very different. I would recommend Joe to anyone who has the misfortune of being charged with a driving offence in Scotland.”

Mark Ratcliffe, using Solicitors in Dumfries at Dumfries Sheriff Court:-
 “I would like to thank Joe and his team for a very favourable result on my recent dangerous driving charge, I was facing a minimum 12 months ban and having to retake my driving test, which would have left me unemployed,but Joe managed to get this reduced to the lesser charge of careless driving, for which I was fined £300 and had 5 points put on my license, so all in all a great result, many thanks to all at Scottish Driving Law, great solicitors in Dumfries, and I will be more careful in the future. Mark “

Steve Humberstone, using Solicitors in Dumfries at Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court:-

“Joe, thank you for the professional representation you undertook in court for me. I hope that I do not need your services in the future but if I did, or I was asked for recommendation, I would put your name forward without hesitation.”

Steven Strachan, Aberdeen Sheriff Court

“I would recommend Joe McPherson to anyone after my experience with him. I was certain that I would face a driving ban after being caught speeding in a 60 limit on my motorbike. Having also had a previous ban and 3 points on my license I fully expected to face another ban. However after a conversation with Joe I felt a little more reassured about the situation, I ended up with 6 points and a £400 fine at Aberdeen Sheriff Court. I was delighted with the outcome and I am truly grateful to Joe and all the help and assistance I received from him.  Thank you.”

Matthew Jordan, Peterhead JP Court

I can’t thank Joe enough.  I’ve kept my licence and my livelihood.   I can’t recommend him enough.”

Matt Darwell, using Solicitors in Dumfries at Dumfries Justice of the Peace Court: –

“I contacted Scottish Driving Law after being pulled over doing over 100 mph and spoke to Joseph McPherson.  Within 10 minutes of speaking to Joseph he put me completely at ease explained what is likely to happen and what options i had available. He fought my corner in court, and I’m lucky to still have my licence.

Would highly recommend.  Thank you for all your help Joseph.”

Tracy Bruce, Dunoon Sheriff Court

“My son was involved in an accident which held a careless driving charge. I contacted Scottish Driving Law and got invaluable advice from Joe. He made a very stressful time manageable by his emails and telephone calls. He travelled a distance to be at court for myself and my son and I cannot thank him enough. After Joe spoke with the Procurator Fiscal, it was over on a legal technicality which we would never have known about. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe for all his help and would highly recommend him to others who find themselves in similar circumstances.”

 David McDermott, Inverness Justice of the Peace Court: –

“Upon researching my speeding charge on the A9, I read the previous testimonials given by other clients and decided to contact Joe. The reply was speedy and re-assured me instantly that he was my best chance to be represented for my speeding charge by solicitors in Dumfries. Sitting on 6 points already I could have faced a fine of £1000 and a six month ban. The advice Joe offered was on the mark and with his expert support I was greatly relieved to be fined 4 points and £250. The charge was extremely reasonable. On enquiring into my insurance policy I discovered I was covered under my legal cover to use this service and be refunded the costs but to be honest once I spoke to Joe I would not have gone anywhere else. I would not advocate the stress this charge put on me as my driving is essential to my business but if you find yourself in this predicament then, without hesitation contact this firm and ask for Joe directly. I would never have known how to present my case in the fashion he did. I have learned my lesson and will never put myself through this again but Joe and the service he offered was outstanding and I trusted he would do a good job. In the end he didn’t let me down and I was extremely thankful for the ruling I was given.”


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